(The first 14 parts just need to be short answers and not complete sentences. Use the Word document on the homepage as your model and simply put in your answers. Part 15 should be in complete sentences and 350-500 words.)  1. URL of YouTube selected (Does not need to be from the contents of this course. It should be a piece of music you feel passionate about).  2. Name of artist or group.  3. Title of song.  4. Name of composer and/or arranger.  5. Number of people performing.  6. Instrumentation (for example piano, guitar, bass and drums).  7. If vocals, what classification of voice ranges.  8. Meter (for example “4/4”).  9. Beats per minute – BPM (for example 120 beats per minute). Free metronome available at: Play your YouTube and open the metronome in a new window. Sync the beats.  10. Tempo (for example “allegro” taken from metronome).  11. Type of musical texture (for example “homophonic”).  12. Key (for example “major” or “minor).  13. Harmony (for example “consonant” or “dissonant”).  14. Musical style (for example “rock”, “jazz”, “folk” etc.).  15. A paper (350-500 words) explaining why this piece of music is important to you. Why do you think this piece is significant and how do you personally relate to it.

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