Workshop Exercise #7: Power in Milan and on the Island & Discussion Board #9: Shakespeare and Césaire


You have 2 questions of this assignment (each of 150 words). Workshop Exercise #7: Power in Milan and on the Island: Watch the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2016 production of The Tempest (directed by Humphreys) (2 hours, 39 minutes) here: Please write 150 words on the relationship between two or more of the various usurpation plots in the play (Antonio usurping Prospero in Milan, Sebastian and Antonio usurping Alonso on the island, Caliban, Trinculo, and Stefano usurping Prospero on the island). What is the relationship between the structural instability of politics in Milan and the structural instability of politics on the island? Review the “Reading Questions” for The Tempest, especially the parts about who was king of England at the time Shakespeare wrote the play, and comment on what you think the original audience(s) might have thought about all the emphasis on the wobbly politics of power in the play. Your post must contain at least 2 quotes from the play to support your claims. Please note that you must include your quotes at the beginning and that they do not count as part of the word limit. Maximum of 150-200 words.(quotes are not counted in word limit) Discussion Board #9: Shakespeare and Césaire: Read Aimé Césaire’s A Tempest. Read “Reading Questions” on Césaire’s A Tempest Second, At one point, when his director-friend, Jean-Marie Serreau, asked Césaire if he really wanted to undertake the adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Césaire apparently said: “Ok, but I want to do it my way. When I’d finished the job, I realized that there wasn’t much Shakespeare left.” In this post, please pick a specific character or production element or plot change (for example, the introduction of a new character, the ending of the play, a new scene, a change in the character’s attitude) in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Césaire’s A Tempest and use it to make an argument about how much Shakespeare there is left in Césaire. You must use 2 quotes from each play (4 quotes in all!). Maximum of 150-200 words (quotes are not counted in word limit)

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Workshop Exercise #7: Power in Milan and on the Island & Discussion Board #9: Shakespeare and Césaire
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