Women who left the workforce to home school kids.

COVID research paper

First Create a list of POSSIBLE interview subjects. The names can be changed for privacy purposes. For each possible subject write a brief biographic sketch. Tell me who they are, what is their relationship to you, what they do for work, and why you think they would be a good interview. Feel free to add any other details that will help me (and you) to understand who they are including any information about their personal history (example: immigrated to US, raised by a single parent, recently divorced, etc. You don’t have to pry into their private lives, just provide what you can to create as full a picture as possible.)

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Women who left the workforce to home school kids.
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Please submit a 3 page research brief that explores themes that you think you might address in your interviews. What you need to do is think about the subjects on your possible list and then tailor your research to explore the qualities of these subjects. For example:

Subjects are Frontline Medical Workers Find research associated with frontline workers
Subjects are Students Find research about schools (college/High School)
Subjects are Women who left the workforce to home school kids Find research on women and unemployment during the pandemic
Subjects have had COVID/A Family Member with COVID/A Death in the family due to COVID Find research on how people are coping with the disease and/or grief

These are a few examples, but others may exist out there, it is up to you to decide how this applies to your subjects. Think creatively about this because it is very likely you may have different subjects in different thematic areas. That is absolutely fine, they do not need to share all qualities across the board. The important thing is building your own background knowledge of these themes so you can thoughtfully question the subject about these issues.

The Research Brief (paper) The paper should be no more than 3 pages and when you write it, you should get right to the research you have found, You dont need flowery introductions or conclusions. Whats more important is to demonstrate that you have a background knowledge of themes that may come up in your interviews. In addition to the 3-page write up you should include a list of references to your research. At this point, I am not going to restrict your research to academic journals only, for Oral History you really need to know the big picture of what is happening out on the street. When we get to the final paper, you will be asked to add some journal articles then. Do your best to find some reputable resources (because I know it will likely be coming from a Google search!)

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