Who would perform the notification process?

Consider the following scenario:You are working the dispatch desk of a “Type A” operator, and you are a few hours into your shift.  The previous dispatcher briefed you about a situation where a flight originated in Toronto, Ontario (YYZ) and has a destination of Brussels, Belgium (BRU), with an intermediate stop in St. John’s, Newfoundland (YYT).The flight was schedule to depart YYZ at 1100z, and it ended up departing YYZ approximately 90 minutes late due to late connecting passengers, and incurred another 45 minute delay due to poor weather delays (including de-icing and ATC delays).  Upon landing in YYT at a time of 1600z, there is a maintenance issue encountered with the hydraulic system that necessitates a further delay of 3 to 4 hours, since a part has to be sourced and replaced on board.  Added to this, the First Officer (FO) on the flight has complained that he had some food last night that is not agreeing with him, and he is not feeling 100%.  According to the OFP, the projected flight time from YYT to BRU is 6 hours and 23 minutes.Please answer the following questions:1.  Do these circumstances count as “unforeseen”, and could the crew extend their flight duty time?  Why or why not (please be specific).  What time could they extend to if this satisfies an “unforeseen” circumstance? Will the flight be able to make it to BRU? (2 marks)2.   If the flight crew is able to extend their flight duty day, who would have to be notified of the flight crew duty day extension?  Who would perform the notification process? (2 marks)3.  What ramifications, other impacts, or limitations will this have on the crew’s next duty assignment?  In other words, when can they operate their next flight, and with how much rest?  How long can this next flight duty assignment be?  (2 marks)4.  What other considerations do you have to worry about as the flight dispatcher on duty with regards to this situation? (2 marks)When answering the above questions, please be sure to be specific and provide detailed examples and explanations in your answers. This assignment is individual, and must be completed by our next class. I will not accept any late submissions. All assignments shall be handed in via BlackBoard.

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Who would perform the notification process?
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