Which enzyme-catalyzed reactions are shared between the gluconeogenesis and glycolysis pathways?

Introduction to BiochemistryLesson 5In this week’s class, we discussed gluconeogenesis, glycogen metabolism, and the pentose phosphate pathway andtheirrolesin glucose metabolism. Based on the topics discussedin Lecture #5, please answer each of the following questions.1.Whichenzyme-catalyzed reactions are shared between the gluconeogenesisandglycolysis pathways?(Note: just provide the name of theenzymethat catalyzeseach of the shared reactions).2.Why are some enzymes needed onlyin the gluconeogenesispathway and not in theglycolysis pathway?3.Which one of the following reactions only occurs during gluconeogenesis (i.e., not during glycolysis)?a.1,3-bisphosphglycerate into 3-phosphoglycerateb.Glucose 6-phosphate into fructose 6-phosphatec.Oxaloacetate into Phosphoenolpyruvated.Phosphoenolpyruvate intoPyruvate4.An increase in glucagon levels can __________.a.Promote the degradation of glycogen (i.e., glycogenolysis)b.Occurs during the fasting state(starvation)c.Promotes the synthesis of glycogend.A and B5.A high school girl who is self-conscious about her appearance has been fasting for several days to fit into a dress she intentionallybought a size too small for a school dance. Which of her organs/tissues is producing the glucose that is beingsynthesized through gluconeogenesis?a.Red blood cellsb.Musclesc.Liverd.Brain

6.Why do only some tissues (e.g., liver) contain the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase?7.What are the main products of the pentose phosphate pathway,and how does the cell use them?8.How many molecules of ATPare produced during the metabolism of one (1) molecule of glucose through the pentose phosphate pathway?9.Which two (2) moleculesare produced during the pentose phosphate pathwaythat are also produced duringglycolysis?10.Describe two (2)specific things that make NADH and NADPH different from each other(Note: consider the structural and biological properties of the two molecules). You may use your textbook and/or the internet to assist you. You will earn 10 pointsfor correctly answering each question (maximum points earned = 100 points)

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Which enzyme-catalyzed reactions are shared between the gluconeogenesis and glycolysis pathways?
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