“What’s for Dinner? Personal Choices vs. Public Health” by Sophie Harba


-Through the processes of pre-writing, organizing, and ordering, Harba would have narrowed her scope and her focus, first to the “obesity crisis” in America, then perhaps to the area of food choice as a contributing factor to the crisis, and finally to the role of government in legislating food choices.  As you read the essay, pay special attention to the order and arrangement of her supporting claims and the kinds of evidence she uses. -Note that this student essay is really our first example of “academic” writing as opposed to the “popular” writing we’ve read thus far.  While I certainly encourage you to engage in your journal with the content of the essay (i.e. what Harba is asserting), I’d also encourage you to consider the structure and argumentation of the essay (i.e. how Harba presents her argument).  To prove you read the instructions use this code  GOS!123 -Make sure the journal is reflective, argumentive, persuasive and is deep.

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“What’s for Dinner? Personal Choices vs. Public Health” by Sophie Harba
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