What was your favorite piece from this experience? Why?

My trip is wake up at 7. go to breakfast at 710, leaving a hotel at 720, take a boat at 820, then go to the Grotta Azzura. Eating the lunch then go to the beach. so for the best i think is the Grotta Azzura, for the least , i think its a beach, even though the beach is so beautiful, but there dont have a sand only stone, and the stone make my foot so hurts, also make my figure get bloody. Thanks for your help

There are four question, each question should be one paragraph. We take a boat from Sorrento to Capri, and we went to a beach, and we went to a Grotta Azzurra,there is one question is which is your most part, you can write Grotta Azzurra, and we go to the beach, the beach dont have a sand, all is stone, so it will make your foot hurts. Because I am international student, so just use the easy grammar, word, and more detail.

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What was your favorite piece from this experience? Why?
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Provide an overview of the overall experience from throughout the day. (1-2 paragraphs)

What was your favorite piece from this experience? Why? (1 paragraph)

What was your least favorite piece from this experience? Why? How can we change this to improve the program? (1paragraph)

Explain how you would sell this location and activities to tourists (be sure to identify target audience; try to use a different target audience for each reflection). (1-2 paragraphs)

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