What is the policy or research am referring to?

In our introduction we need to briefly describe a patient/service user. This can be someone you have cared for in a clinical environment, or someone who is known to you, e.g.

a family member or a friend. Explain why they have received, or are receiving care and what their current health issues are. we need to reference the NMC Code 2018 in our introduction.

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What is the policy or research am referring to?
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For section one, we are to pick a health issue of any patient or service user , we need to identify a health inequality that impacts upon the patients health or well-being. For example if my patient has Asthma, you might want to consider if there are any health inequalities experienced by the patient that impacts upon their asthma directly (as the health impact) for example if my health inequality is poor housing and the impact it has is asthma exacerbation.

Section 2 is about how the policy or research will improve the quality or safety of the nursing care I provide for my patient. So what is it in the policy or research that helps the nurse achieve this? What is the policy or research am referring to?

Section 3: some example of the self-management initiatives given were
1:Personalised care and support planning
2:Social prescribing
3:Shared decision making
4:Personal health budgets and integrated personal commissioning.
We are to pick one from above that is relevant to our patient.

Lastly, we are to conclude the essay by connecting our discussion with the relevant United Nation’s (2015)
Sustainable Development Goal(s).

Please do follow the assignment brief, it is self-explanatory.

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