What is asthma and how affects athletes?

Ø  Review of the problem and why you chose this topic: 5 points _______ (I chose this topic because I have family members with this chronic disease, and because i want to know how can this affects the performance of an athlete? RUBRIC  Ø  Pathophysiology of the disease: which organ system or treatment: 5 points _____ Ø  How can you prevent or delay the disease/condition: 5 points _____ Ø  Formatting: font, double-spaced, at least 2 pages – 5 points _____ o   Times New Roman, 12 point font, double – spaced Ø  References: appropriate sources – 5 points ______ o   At least three – combination (journal articles, professional websites, book, etc…) Formatting:  MLA o   In-text citations using references o   Examples: Blackburn (2020) states ….., Blackburn et al., (2020) stated …., According to Blackburn (2020), …Research paper grading rubric

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What is asthma and how affects athletes?
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