What are the existing recruitment policies and guidelines, and what challenges may they cause?

HR Case Study Assignment

Assignment 3 Instructions and Response Template

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What are the existing recruitment policies and guidelines, and what challenges may they cause?
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1.    Include the questions in your paper, not just the numbers.

2.    Read the entire case study carefully and then respond to all questions in each of the four scenarios.

3.    Develop each answer to the fullest extent possible, including citations from outside resources, where applicable, to support your arguments.

4.    Submit your assignment as a separate MS Word document in your assignments folder. Do not type your answers into the case study document. Include a Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment.

5.    Each response should be written in complete sentences, double-spaced and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides.

6.    Include page numbers according to APA formatting guidelines
7.    Include citations in APA format at the end of each answer.

8.    Do not combine questions or responses. Do not refer to a previous answer when responding to a question. All answers must be placed directly under each individual question.

9.    Note that some questions are plural, meaning that they ask for more than one example.  For example, question 2.3 Discuss the recruitment and retention challenges you face in filling the position quickly uses the word challenges this is plural, meaning  more than one challenge must be discussed in your answer. The same is true in several other questions.

10.    Make sure you answer the question being asked clearly and directly, and supported by facts in the case study.  A common error is to say something that may be true but does not answer the question. No credit is given to these responses.

11.    Always use complete sentences. Do not use bulleted lists or short phrases. Bulleted lists and short phrases are incompatible with demonstrating that you understand the course material, and your application of critical thinking and analysis skills in response to the question.

12.    Include an APA style cover page with a running header, page numbers.


Case Study Questions
Scenario 1 Questions. (three references needed)

1.1)    What are some of the positions you may need to recruit? Why?

1.2) What are the existing recruitment policies and guidelines, and what challenges may they cause?

1.3) How will you meet those challenges?

1.4) What is your recruitment strategy? How will you communicate it?

Scenario 2 Questions (three references needed)
2.1) How would you have handled the program managers performance issues? Was the right decision made to replace her? Why or why  not?

2.2) What options exist to find a new program manager?

2.3) Discuss any recruitment and retention challenges you may face in filling the position quickly.

2.4) How will you ensure that the new hire will be approved and hired as expediently as possible?

Scenario 3 Questions (three references needed)
3.1) What are your primary retention issues? What challenges do the existing recruitment and retention policies and guidelines create?

3.2) What can be done to retain existing employees?

3.3) How will you motivate the current team?

3.4) How will you go about replacing the ones who have left (positions that are still needed)?

Scenario 4 Questions (three references needed)
4.1.)  Outline the steps you would take to hire employees for seven new teams .

4.2.) What internal and/or external methods could be used to recruit and staff quality teams?

4.3)  How will you ensure a fair, equitable, and market competitive compensation and reward strategy?

4.4)  Propose two strategies to quickly integrate the new teams into the existing workforce.

4.5)  Discuss two ways you will proactively manage any potential performance issues.

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