Virtual Exhibit Project


“Imagine you are the special guest curator for the newest gallery in town.  You will research, identify, and provide label information (wall text) for artwork to be included in the next exhibition.   Your assignment is to create an exhibit of at least five (5) works of art and write an essay (1200 words in length) about how the artworks are thematically related.” I would like for you to find 5 famous artworks with the universal theme of corruption and then write about how they are thematically related. Please include photos of the artwork in the paper. I will attach more in-depth instructions and a grading rubric. You need 8 sources (5 artworks and 3 text sources) at least three (3) text sources other than

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Virtual Exhibit Project
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Virtual Exhibit Instructions 90 Virtual Exhibit Grading Rubric 80 VE Thesis Chart

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