Trolls on the Internet Sample Paper

Online trolling is a common practice in the contemporary setting. Anonymous persons engage in deceptive and disruptive mechanisms without any vital purpose (Buckels, Trapnell & Paulhus, 2014). The frequency of activity across distinct media platforms connects with the disruptive use of technology. For example, most of the anonymous persons that intimate and bully others are heavy users of technology. The anonymity approach protects the interests and welfare of Internet users. Anonymity thus allows users to engage in distinct inimical actions without fear of possible repercussions. 

The research question revolves around the capacity of the anonymous approach to enable a person to engage in inimical actions without fear of adverse outcomes. Does anonymity guarantee the elimination of any repercussions during engagement in inimical actions? 

Scholarly materials provide the basis for the research. Articles containing information and data about anonymity in Internet use will avail excellent content for the study. Credible sites and academic platforms will act as viable locations to access these materials. Thus, journal articles act as essential research materials utilized in this research. Exposure to these sources enables one to familiarize themselves with the anonymity perspective and how it affects other users. In most cases, anonymous users take the opportunity to bully and look down on other persons in different social media platforms. One of the aspects that need further analysis is how anonymous persons adopt inimical behaviors and get away with their actions.

Anonymity assists media users to pass distinct messages without identity exposure. The research outcomes permit people to assess the benefits of anonymity in Internet use. However, these inimical actions may have a detrimental impact on other persons despite benefiting the user. Thus, it is vital to examine how the anonymity practice element affects other potential users.


Buckels, E. E., Trapnell, P. D., & Paulhus, D. L. (2014). Trolls just want to have fun. Personality and Individual Differences, 67, 97-102.

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