Training Programs

A. Creativity is needed in all training programs. Use your creativity to deliver the following topic: ( 500 + words) Audience – Millennials Topic – Proper etiquette on ZOOM meetings B. Response to all 3 below: 1. With an audience of both Accountants and Cheerleaders, you have a group on different spectrums of what they may be used to or expect. A group of accountants may be used to being lectured in a briefing or classroom training, where a group of cheerleaders almost “always” learn by doing, participating, and demonstrating. Training Design: For this group an “Active Training” approach will be most likely effective in which both groups will be actively engaged in the training session. However a “Cooperative Learning” emphasis using the strengths and interest of the two groups could prove productive by using for example: The accountants to read off the ingredients and “amounts”, the measurements of the ingredients (they are all about the numbers), and the cheerleaders would actively mix the suggested ingredients and measurements. Content: A minimal lecture time should be incorporated to discuss and outline what the objective, standards, and outline of the learning exercise will be. So a handout that will clearly outline the task of (Making Pancakes), the needed ingredients (Provided of course), the utensils needed, and a stovetop or hotplate to cook the pancakes. Approach: As with many training sessions, a great icebreaker (maybe an old Aunt Jemima TV Commercial), self-introduction window, and an overall fun approach to the training. If you have a few extra persons, maybe even make the final product available as a “taste test” for a nice recognition or prize for the winning teams (cheerleaders LOVE competition). Be sure to conduct a “debrief/After Action Review (AAR), by asking them what they learned, what they liked, didn’t like, suggestions, and what they felt was good or needs improvement. 2. The training program can be held in a setting of a cooking class. The training program should be fun and engaging. Accountants and cheerleaders are all reaching the same goal to make pancakes. I would pass out a pancake recipe to each group as a visual aid at the beginning of the training program. Each group will have their own station with a set of baking tools and supplies, ingredients, and a stove. I would be at the front of the class to instruct the directions. I will ask for them to follow as I go over each step. Each group can come up with different ideas with creativity of how the pancakes will appear as they work together. All should study the recipe as the ingredients, measurements, and instructions are available to view on the visual aid. The content of the recipe will have a checklist of all the steps. After each step has been completed, any member in the group can checkmark the item in the box. I would request for the group to communicate with me if they have any questions. Constructive feedback is important as I would like to know if the training program was effective. This activity consists of cooperative learning as each team problem solve how to make pancakes. The approach is on-the-job training as they learn hands-on to make pancakes. 3. To effectively design a training program on how to make pancakes to a group of Accountants and Cheerleaders, I must understand how these groups of individuals actually learn and design my training in a way that will keep all of them engaged. I would try to make the recipe easier for them to understand. I would make sure to present them with easy to follow instructions, and also show them demonstrations to keep them engaged. Telling a fun or a meaningful story of how my pancake recipe was created, could help to keep them engaged. I would also make sure they all get to taste the final product before they leave. The training design entails the learning objective (make delicious pancakes from scratch), the audience (Accountants and Cheerleaders), and the delivery style (instruction-led approach) The content is as important as the delivery, in my opinion. Pancake recipes may be easy for some and difficult for others, but the content needs to be easy to follow and interesting enough to keep the audience engaged. I would hope my training would provide more than just delicious easy to make pancakes. I think I would empathize the beauty of cooking homemade recipes with the people we love, the time we get to spend together and the memories we make.

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Training Programs
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