The opinions on the covid-19

This essay will be an exploratory paper. In this type of essay, the arguer identifies not just one position, but as many of the major positions on an issues as possible, both past and present , and explains those perspectives through summaries and an analysis of the overall rhetorical situation for the issue. The analysis of the rhetorical situation in this type of essay explains what caused the issue and what prompted past and present interest in or concerns with the issues,identifies who interested in it and why, and examines the constraints of the inquiry and the various views in the ongoing discourse over the issu. The summaries of the different positions not only explains each of the different perspectives on the issues but also provide the usual reasons cited to establish the validity of each perspective. The writer own opinion are not expressed untill the conclusion paragraph. I need you to talk about the Controversial. The people who think wearing mask and lock down is good way to slow the spread the covid-19 And the other people who said we shouldnt wear mask and not lockdown the coountry . The people who think covid19 is not that serious . I need at least 3 different opinions controversial And only Express your own opinion on the conclusion. Use MLA

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The opinions on the covid-19
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