The necessity of Mathematical accuracy in Life Essay Sample

Mathematics is an entity of science that involves the operation of numbers. People can understand the environment and their surroundings through the revelation of hidden patterns in mathematics. It is a broad discipline that does not only deal with geometry and arithmetic but also deals with measurements, data, and science observation with deduction, proof, and inference. Mathematics can literarily mean countable things; think of the primary role that counting plays in the daily life of people. Imagine a scenario where mathematics is not available; how possible would it be to know the students in a school, amount of money, days of the week, number of family members, among other things. People learn basic mathematical operations of division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. These are just the basics, but does accuracy in mathematical operation matter. Of course, accuracy is important. I disagree that ‘mathematical accuracy is unnecessary in day to day activities.’

Bearing in mind that mathematics is applied in almost all aspects of Life, its accuracy is necessary to ensure that they will live in a world where things run smoothly. Mathematics is majorly used in accounting, and this does not only in the handling of financial records in banks, microfinance among others, but also in simple activities such as buying products, balance change. Accurate computation of data ensures that people are able to keep a proper track record of their earnings and expenditure. Accuracy ensures that businesses do not run out of business. Imagine a scenario where an organization has wrong calculations of employee’s salaries and bonuses, yearly expenses, among other records. Assuming the wrong computation lead to inflated figures, the business is bound to make a huge. If the trend continues for a number of consecutive years, the company will run out of business since there are no returns.

Mathematics operations are used in used almost every activity we do, and in case of inaccuracy, there is a high probability of confusion. Most, if not all, technological innovations, applications, and systems apply mathematics concepts. Examples of such applications include traffic lights, televisions, wristwatch, among others. Accuracy in mathematics is necessary in maintaining order in society. It ensures that they are done systematically without confusion. Traffic flows smoothly in town centers; there would be collisions and a lot of traffic in a town where the traffic lights don’t change in tandem and at the specified time by the system. There are people who depend on on-time schedules to conduct their daily activities. Such people trust the accuracy of their timers to remind them of when to do something. Best results are achieved only when accuracy is maintained. Chefs must measure ingredients accurately to make the best meals; otherwise, the end product would be different from what was expected.

However, there are situations in Life where mathematical accuracy is not necessary. In such situations, accuracy does no matter a lot since the end product of a particular activity is not affected. An example of where accuracy is not necessary is when shopping. Most people shop goods are likely to last for a certain period, maybe a week, two or a month. Therefore, while shopping an estimate of the products is used, one must not be accurate. It does not matter the products are overestimated or underestimated, provided they serve the intended purpose. The most interesting thing is that people are ignorant and rarely care about the level of accuracy.  

I believe that accuracy in numeric operations is an essential and important part of our daily. The current world depends on google maps whose functionalities are based on mathematics to show directions. Accurate information given by google maps allows people to access local and international places easily. People have a tendency to use the weather forecast to understand the weather of a particular area prior to traveling. The predictions and direction ought to be accurate; otherwise, people shall travel to the wrong places in bad weather. The government is able to distribute resources equally to its citizens using the data collected during the national census. Inaccurate data would mean the scarcity of resources in areas that are more populated.

In conclusion, mathematical accuracy is essential in our day to day lives. Accuracy in mathematics ensures that we live in a world where things run smoothly and are well organized. Most businesses stay in business and compete well with since they are able to compute their data accurately and make predictions that are fruitful. It is also necessary to maintain order in society. However, there are situations in Life where people use estimation other that accurate data, for example, while shopping.

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