The gender of violence

Prompt In “The Gender of Violence,” Michael S. Kimmel notes, “virtually all the violence in the world today is committed by men” (243; ch. 11). How do the male characters of Death of a Salesman confirm Kimmel’s claim? Analyze two scenes where two different male characters each discuss, exhibit, or commit acts of violence. Directions Begin your paragraph by introducing the author, Michael S. Kimmel, and the title of his book chapter, “The Gender of Violence.” After introducing him for the first time, simply refer to the author as Kimmel. In MLA format, quote and analyze three passages in your paragraph. From Kimmel’s book chapter, quote and analyze one passage—excluding the passage cited in this writing prompt. Also, quote and analyze two passages from Miller’s play. Remember: when performing literary analysis, make no reference to the author of the play (Miller) because he is not a character in the play. Also, when quoting a play, the only place wherein to put the playwright’s name is the parenthetical citation, e.g., (Miller 31; act 1). Lastly, when you summarize/describe characters’ actions in your signal phrase, make sure to write these actions in the “literary present” (i.e., using simple present-tense verbs).Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller (1) (1) The Gender of Violence by Michael Kimmel (1) Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller (1)

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The gender of violence
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