The ethics of smoking


Technical requirements: 4 – 5 pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, standard margins, double spaced.   Required elements: Thesis statement Use of empirical data Use of relevant philosophical material, including at least one citation to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Sufficient justification for your answer Discussion (including argument against) an alternative answer Responses to potential objection(s) to your answer   Recommended outline: Introduction Including clear and precise thesis statement Identify potential answer (which you will ultimately reject) Explain this answer Explain what reasons would lead someone to accept this answer Argue for rejecting this answer. Identify potential answer (which you support) Explain this answer Argue in support of this answer Identify and respond to a potential objection Explain the objection Show how your argument for your answer avoids this objection Conclusion Reiterate your answer and your main reason(s) for accepting it. Identify lingering questions, concerns, or subjects for continuing inquiry. Rubric: Thesis statement: 10 pts Is there one? Is it clearly identifiable? Does it appear early in the paper, as part of the introduction? Does it present the conclusion argued for throughout the rest of the paper? Is it appropriate for the assignment? Clarity & Structure: 20 pts Is the writing clear, succinct, and precise? Can a charitable person interpret the meaning of each sentence? Is there an introduction, a conclusion, and separate body paragraphs? Are paragraphs separated appropriately, so that each paragraph has a single, identifiable focus? Does each paragraph have introductory and concluding sentences? Does the structure of the paper, overall, and each paragraph, individually, fit with the structure of the argument? Are citations managed clearly and appropriately? Are unnecessary tangents avoided? Use of empirical data: 20 pts Is empirical data cited and explained accurately? Is the empirical data relevant to one’s question and one’s thesis statement? Is the relevance of the empirical data clearly and accurately expressed? Does the discussion of empirical data fit into the broader argumentative work of the paper? Use of relevant philosophical work: 30 pts Is philosophic work cited and explained accurately? Is this work relevant to one’s question and one’s thesis statement? Is the relevance of the work clearly and accurately expressed? Does the discussion of this work fit into the broader argumentative work of the paper? Argumentation: 30 pts Is there one? Is the argument provided appropriate for the assignment? Is it possible to identify the specific claims being used as premises to justify the conclusion? Is the line of argumentation provided throughout the paper reasonable, such that a charitable and rational reader could accept the premises and the conclusions those premises are intended to support? Are potential objections raised and addressed? MUST USE DEONTOLOGY, CONSEQUENTIALISM, AND VIRTUE EHTICSpaper (1) paper

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The ethics of smoking
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