The United States played a key role in the end of apartheid. Social movements throughout the U.S., particularly on college campuses, had a dramatic effect.

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Corporations and the government, on all levels, were pressured to divest assets held in companies that do business in South Africa. It was a successful boycott.

What and why was the U.S. involvement in Apartheid?

How did it get to be such a big issue?

Use the TUI library, the journals section, and do a bit of research. You may need to search against deep back files.

This is a fairly open ended assignment. I want you to write two to three pages of discussion on these questions. Focus your analysis on one or two aspects of the issue as you find some more of interest than others, but be sure to at identify all the major forces at work in the development, maintenance, and eventual demise of official apartheid.

Upload your papers for grading.

SLP Assignment Expectations

The SLP assignments in POL 201 generally call for a detailed analysis of the involvement of U.S. interests in the nation being studied. In addressing SLP questions, such an analysis requires some historical perspective and a balanced and thorough consideration of that involvement.

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