The Cost of Excellence


online reflection should be 250-350 words. Underline topic-related terms from your textbook. For reflections, the first person can be used and citations are only required if you are using citable material. Reflection 3 (Module 5) The Cost of Excellence As one reads about international and entrepreneurial strategy, strategic control and organizational design, the question of cost must emerge, if a change in one of these strategies is being considered. It is no small thing to take a company to an international level, or create a new control system, or change the design of the organization to make it more productive and efficient. These things cost money, and the benefit has to outweigh the cost. Think of a change or improvement you have experienced at work that didn’t seem worth the cost. Cost can be financial but also loss of reputation, loss of good employees, loss of trust. Write a robust paragraph describing an example of a change or improvement you have experienced in the work environment that was not worth the cost, and relate what the effects of the implementation were. The next section is about you. What changes or improvements would you like to make in your own life? What kind of changes would make you more productive, more marketable, and/or  happier with yourself? Some of these changes might be relatively small, like joining a professional organization and taking advantage of their conferences and workshops. But some might be bigger, like getting an advanced degree, moving across the country, or traveling the world for a year. What are the costs and what are the benefits? At what point does a dream become “not worth the effort?” Remember that in addition to finances, cost can also be relationships, health, or lost opportunity.

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The Cost of Excellence
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