Taxonomy Report on Hadzabe Indigenous Culture


The first section of the paper is the introduction. The introduction should be one page long.  This should include the following information: 1. name of tribe (Hadzabe tribe). 2. brief history of the culture (how long have they existed and highlight 1 or 2 things that changed them dramatically throughout time. 3. Describe the geography of where they live. 4. Name 2-3 verbal codes 5. name 2-3 nonverbal codes 6. describe 2-3 cultural components of the culture (cultural components can range from food, fashion, religions, rites of passage, beliefs, music, dance, and etc…) Sections 2-5 will prompt you to apply a GLOBE taxonomy component to the culture.  You will do this four times.  This means you will choose four taxonomy components from Globe to apply to the culture and analyze their cultural norms/practices. Each of these sections should be about a paragraph each. State clearly whether they are high, mid, or low.  Provide your reasoning behind this claim.  Last provide 1-3 examples that support your claim + reasoning. The last section is where you list your works cited page in APA format. You will need to have five credible source citations from three different sources. You are required to have at least two citations in the introduction and one citation per taxonomy component.

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Taxonomy Report on Hadzabe Indigenous Culture
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