Target persona’s pain points & goals

<About the Assignment> Adapt the use case for your target persona to identify how it best applies for the Student Persona. Include Pain Points and User Goals for this persona as part of an intro section of your new heuristics doc.   Picked case from the previous Heuristics Report:   –       Target Persona’s Pain Points & Goals (This data will be used to vet who are your usability subjects and defining the user pain points and goals.)   You just need to think about target persona’s 4 pain points and goals. Please see the final project docx. Our client is Indeed, and our target persona is a colleen college student. And you can see the Indeed heuristics report. The please give me your persona’s 4 pain points and goals, and need to think about what are the problems do we need to solve.

Final Project Doc

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Target persona’s pain points & goals
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