Sustainability Project

Overview: This project entails reviewing a Fortune 500 company’s best practices in sustainability and then writing, in your own words, about those practices. Each student will be assigned a Fortune 500 company to analyze and report on and each student will submit an individual project in Canvas.   This project is designed to enhance your knowledge of what is meant by sustainability as currently practiced by large corporations. As you do your research, look for your assigned company’s sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) report that shares the organization’s best practices and results concerning sustainability.   While searching for information or reports on company websites, you will realize that companies use different terms while talking about sustainability. Here are some terms you might come across (this is not an exhaustive list): sustainability, corporate social responsibility, social responsibility, corporate citizenship, community well-being/engagement, social impact. Moreover, most companies have a separate diversity & inclusion section and a diversity & inclusion report.   If your assigned company does not have a downloadable sustainability/CSR report, look for information on the company website. If your assigned company does not provide information about one of the required elements, address this in your paper, rather than leaving the reader to wonder whether you merely overlooked this part of the assignment (e.g., explore and report on what a competitor does and note how your assigned company could improve its implementation/reporting).   Deliverable: 2-3 pages report. Use complete sentences, not bullet points. Paper Content and Format (40 points total):   Introduction (3 points): In the introduction, provide a brief overview, in your own words, of what your assigned company does (products, sales volume, number of employees, geographic reach, etc.) and list its current (2020) Fortune 500 rank.   Sustainability (20 points): Take the triple-bottom line perspective as your basis. Research and understand what your company does to contribute to the three pillars of sustainability. In your paper, report on their best practices. Questions to answer are given below. Beyond your company’s best practices, I am interested in how you perceive them and think about these practices and how you think they contribute to the triple bottom line. · Planet: What steps does your assigned company take to improve its impact on the environment? How are these initiatives related to the UN sustainability development goals? · People: What steps does your assigned company take to improve its impact on the people? How are these initiatives related to the UN sustainability development goals? Note: Please realize that all initiatives that affect stakeholders such as employees (e.g., diversity & inclusion), communities, society etc. can be considered in this section. · Profits: What are the economic impacts of your assigned company’s sustainability initiatives? How are these initiatives related to the UN sustainability development goals? · Circular economy: To what extent does your assigned company operate under the circular economy model? Explain. · Reporting: Does your assigned company produce a comprehensive sustainability report? What key metrics does your company report? Do they set targets for their commitments? · Awards/certifications: Has your assigned company been recognized by anyone (awards, citations, certifications) for its sustainability efforts? Describe.   Conclusion/Summary (10 points): Finally, discuss your takeaways from your analysis of your assigned company’s best practices. What do you think your company does well? What could it improve on? What are your recommendations for improvement?   Citations (2 points): Include citations to properly credit your source material. Citations also help the reader to seek additional information about your assigned company’s efforts, if desired.

Sustainability Project Guidelines BA 342 FA20 Ozge Pala

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