Student Literacy Final Paper


Directions: The following essay topics need to be considered, explained, and also developed deeply through a coherent written response that takes into serious consideration the concepts from Margot Soven’s Teaching Writing, Smith & Wilhelm’s Going with the Flow, Dixon’s Lesson Plans, and Dixon’s Lesson Plans. Your essays need to be stated clearly with a thesis or main idea, supporting evidence, and thoughtful conclusions. Thorough responses have the best potential of receiving the highest mark as a reflection of deep thought.   This essay needs to be 3 pages MAX with MLA formatting with 14 point font (not 12) and Times New Roman. There cannot be any form of plagiarism because I need to submit this to Each Bullet point within the section needs to be answered fully with direct intext citations and page numbers. This essays answers will come straight from Smith & Wilhelm’s Going with the Flow book as well as Margot Soven’s Teaching Writing . My professor is very big on grammar, sentence structure so please punctuate accordingly. I have attached the essay topic and directions, Thank you very much!English 3153 Final Exam instructions essay 2 (1)

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Student Literacy Final Paper
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