Soliloquy Analysis


Your task is to analyse the soliloquy for the devices & meaning Choose one of Hamlet’s soliloquies and create a modern-day translation. The soliloquies you can choose from are: Act I, Scene ii “Oh, that this too too solid flesh” – Hamlet is at court, and it is noted that he is still grieving his father and wears all black. Act II, Scene ii “O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” – Hamlet has just watched one of the players perform a speech from a play. In a written exercise, no more than 500 words, you will: – Summarize the context of the soliloquy, explaining what has happened just before to motivate this soliloquy. – Break the speech into complete thoughts -Once you have written your modern adaptation, complete the following: – Answer the question: What do we learn about Hamlet in this speech? What do the lines and arguments reveal about him? What action do you expect to follow from the ideas considered here? To summarize, for this assignment you will: 1. write a modern-day adaptation of one of Hamlet’s soliloquies – this is basically a translation from Old English in your original words and will prepare you for the next task. 2. Answer the questions above in a formal paragraph

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Soliloquy Analysis
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