Should teachers be allowed to give students failing grades, or should schools’ no-fail policies be upheld?

Checklist for Argumentative Essay After you have completed your analysis, use the checklist below to evaluate how well you have done. ·       Did you use MLA or APA guidelines to format your essay? Did you check your formatting against examples in the textbook or on the Purdue Online Writing Lab site? ·       Is your thesis the last sentence of the first paragraph, or do you have a good reason it is not? ·       Is your thesis sufficiently narrow for an essay of this length? ·       Did you consider including an essay map/preview statement with your thesis sentence? (Speak to your tutor or see Lesson 1, item #2 for further information.) ·       Have you used third person point of view throughout? If not, do you have a good reason you didn’t? ·       Does each paragraph have a topic sentence, at least two supporting points, and a non-repetitive conclusion? ·       Did you use a transitional word, phrase or sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph? Did you use transitional words and phrases as necessary to connect sentences within your paragraphs? ·       Did you follow the assignment parameters by integrating at least two reputable sources in your essay? ·       Did you introduce your sources properly? Did you present your sources according to MLA of APA formatting requirements? Did you credit your sources parenthetically? Did you discuss the quote or paraphrase? If you don’t understand the questions, please contact your tutor for help. ·       Did you check each use of research to determine whether you integrated it? ·       Did you make sure that no paragraph (excepting the conclusion) ends with a quotation? ·       Does your in-text citation properly match the corresponding Works Cited or References entry? Check this very carefully—remember that the first word of the citation has to match the first word of the corresponding entry. ·       Did you make sure to do your in-text and Works Cited or References entries correctly? Did you check each citation word for word and punctuation for punctuation against an example from the textbook, the Purdue Online Writing, or another reputable up-to-date source? ·       Did you create a suggestive, emphatic conclusion rather than one in which you unnecessarily repeat the main supporting points? ·       Did you pay attention to logos, ethos, and pathos when developing your argument? ·       Did you revise very carefully for grammar and mechanics?

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Should teachers be allowed to give students failing grades, or should schools’ no-fail policies be upheld?
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