Sexuality in the Media

Your task is to select two types of media. By media, I mean a song, commercial, movie, music album, music video, etc. They can be the same type of media (e.g., two songs) but the messaging given by each type of media must be different from one another. You will dissect whatever you choose and identify what it is communicating about sexuality.  Read through the lyrics, watch the movie/commercial/etc. and answer the following questions within your assignment:  What type of media did you pick? If it is a song, state the name of the song, the artist(s), and the year it was released. If you chose a film, name the film, the director, and the year it was released If you chose a commercial, name what it is advertising for, the year it was released, and the director if possible.  Remember you can pick two of the same media (e.g., two songs) to compare but they still have to have different messaging. What are the two forms of media about?  What are parts that stand out? How are they similar?  How are they different?  How do these forms of media connect to our readings?  E.g., Developmental views You may cite research. Are these forms of media age-appropriate? Consider the audience it is targeted towards and who typically has access to it. Based on your personal experience, which media of the two you reviewed is more realistic?  Is it possible that the media you did not pick may be more realistic for someone else?  Are there aspects of intersectionality that make these experiences different for one person VS. another?  Lastly, write a brief reflection on whether the media’s interpretation of sexuality can be harmful, when considering both forms of media that you chose.  Example  Maya picked two forms of media: Wet Dreamz by J. Cole, a song, and The Notebook, a book adapted into a movie (specifically the movie). Maya will read through the lyrics of the song to hear what it is communicating about sexuality. Maya will read through the lyrics of Wet Dreamz write down parts that stick out, and then make interpretations. Maya will then watch The Notebook and explore what it is being communicated about sexuality. Maya will make note of scenes from the movie that stood out to her. Maya will answer the questions listed above and cite information she’s learned throughout the semester. Maya will consider if the forms of media are appropriate for those who usually access it. Maya will put her thinking cap on and make a decision about which media resonated with her the most and seems more realistic. Maya will then figure out if the other form of media might resonate more for other people and what might be some reasons as to why she and some other person might identify differently with what is seen in the media. Maya will culminate her writing with a brief reflection on how these forms of media might influence youth and whether media can be harmful or helpful for exploring sexuality.

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Sexuality in the Media
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