Serial transmission

1. What is a start bit, and with which type of serial transmission is a start bit used?

2. Which type (or types) of serial transmission is appropriate for video transmission? For a keyboard connection to a computer?

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Serial transmission
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3. When two humans hold a conversation, do they use simplex, half-duplex, or full-duplex transmission?

4. When using a synchronous transmission scheme, what happens when a sender does not have data to send?

1. Use the Web to find the definition of the DCE and DTE pinouts used on a DB-25 connector. (Hint: pins 2 and 3 are transmit or receive.) On a DCE type connector, does pin 2 transmit or receive?

2. Is a modem classified as DTE or DCE?

3. When using amplitude modulation, does it make sense for a 1 Hz carrier to be modulated by a 2 Hz sine wave? Why or why not?

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