Self and Act.

The group topic is about self and act. It’s concentrating on how others reactions (it could be watching television drama and other kind of shows) andother people’s point of view would affect one’s self. Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, revealed the human subconscious, believing that people’s mental activities are active in various levels, which has a great influence on the interpretation of scripts by actors. For instance, psychology enables actors to show the behavior and action of characters not by imagination, but by following the logic of life, studying the psychology of characters from the perspective of life, creating character images and truly reflecting life. So when actors really get into those characters their selves might be changed by those characters.

Requirements for this group work:

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Self and Act.
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1: each person should have one sub-topic (mine is “How does the actor’s understanding of a character and an average person’s understanding of others affect personality and self”.

2: prepare 2-3 google slides to support your ideas with self-psychology theories and cases. (citation needed)

3:Write down the content of the presentation and presentation in the 2-3 slides in the form of text.(length:3 pages)

4:Write down what was most interesting to you during your academic research, comparing your initial and final understanding of the theory or case

5: Save the papers and materials that you going to use in power point slides as PDF and send them to me

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