Science Investigation


Science Investigation Notebook (Electronic): Put the items below together in an electronic notebook (could be a PowerPoint, Prezi. or other electronic notebook) 1. Grade Level and Alabama Standard 2. Title: catchy, but reveals what the investigation was about. 3. Photographs of: materials, set up, investigation sequence  4. Question: clearly stated  5. Materials: listed clearly  6. Procedures: clearly stated and based on ability to replicate study  7. Data Gathering: how you collected your data clearly explained  8. Data Analysis: how you interpreted your data clearly explained  9. Findings/Results: based on analysis and logically presented  10. Conclusions: presented based on evidence and results  Each item (1-10) is worth 10 points. ***2 points will be deducted for each error found in the electronic notebook. Notes: a. Make sure you select a question that you are able to research in a class or 24 hour time frame. Examples: (do not use these) Which brand of paper towel is the “real” quicker picker upper? (too short time frame) Which light bulb will last the longest? (too long of a time frame needed) b. Make sure that you control for all variables in your investigation.

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Science Investigation
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