Sociology Short Answer Questions

Question 1

Based on the textbook reading, I am in the Middle year stage. As indicated in the text, most persons are unsure about themselves and their objectives in life at this time. The textbook narrates ways women at this phase may be seen as tremendous workers, wives, and moms. While considering this labelling from my perspective, I trust that position is precise. I can assume several roles simultaneously, Nonetheless, I may likewise require aid in one means or another. Most of the comparisons and alterations observed in the group are apparent in the later middle years, where individuals start experiencing a wide range of health concerns, although many individuals have understood their objectives. During this stage, most individuals are determined to accomplish their objectives. However, they are faced with issues, for instance, divorce and job losses.

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Sociology Short Answer Questions
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Question 2

Dramaturgy is a perception derived from the sociological perspective and defines the social connections. From my standpoint, I would contemplate my workplace settings as dramaturgy. I am employed in an office with diverse individuals from various different cultures, and this exposes me to many experiences regarding ethos. With each day, I am exposed to dealing with different persons from various walks of life. Nevertheless, the integration of impression management is similarly apparent in conducting discussions so that the corporation signs up a person believed to be the right candidate for the position.

Question 3

From my point of view, the ways I engage in my bubble utilizing the four “distance zones” is incorporated in the second zone that entails personal distance.  As indicated in the textbook, the personal distance region is preserved for associates and associates that are constantly engaged in day to day activities.  In this case, I chose the personal distance facet as I consider myself a very private individual, and I do not willingly disclose data regarding my family and daily activities.  I perceive and engage individuals carefully before I can consent them gain access to my individual space.  I am careful not to let individuals in my individual space, and I am engrossed on accomplishing the objectives set for my future endeavours.

Question 4

According to Ionuţ (2011), there are three key agents of socialization, and they comprise of the impression management at the forefront, the backstage, and being an isolated individual at the same time fulfilling my mandates. Nevertheless, I believe that the mandates serve a significant goal in terms of being an empowerment tool. The key agents of socialization I experience in my day-to-day life comprise of my household, co-workers, and tutor. These people play a significant role on my end, as they endeavour to be actual with me. As a result, I am likely to open up during my interactions with each of them. The backstage may involve a setting whereby I can engage with my associates and unwind as we retreat on the beach. However, I may certainly have some individual space that facilitates engaging in other private affairs. In regard to the role performance, I trust the most significant one at this instance entails being a strong support system to my parents that seek my assistance from time to time. With this acknowledgement in mind, I have the ability to partake the various mandates correspondingly while adhering to the principles and views.




Ionuţ, A. (2011). Family and school understood as agents of socialization. Euromentor Journal-Studies about education, (02), 38-43.




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