Safeguarding the ecosystem

Feedback to Response 1

Bees earn their repute as busy workers through cross-fertilizing billions of vegetationannually, including millions of cultivated crops. Pollinators such as bees play a significant role in one out of each three bites of foodstuff consumed by humans. Without them, most vegetation that human beings count on for food are likely tobecome extinct. For instance, Almonds are almost wholly dependent on honey bee cross-pollination.  Without honey bees, the production of blueberries, squash, watermelon, and other fruits would be significantlylowered, inflating therates and disrupting the market. A planet without pollinators may not just leave human beings with less food choicesbut also make it challenging toincorporate the right nutrition required to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to House (2014),just as the drop of pollinators has a substantial impact on the populace, marine biodiversity is similarly affected by the bee population. Large scale fishing results in an imbalance, therefore eroding the food chain. It is therefore important to incorporate stringent measures to preserve marine biodiversity.

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Safeguarding the ecosystem
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Feedback on Response Two

To sustain the world’s rising populace, more food is required, which should be assorted, balanced, and of good quality to guarantee the advancement and health of human beings. According to (2021), the utmost input of bees and other pollinators is the cross-fertilization of approximately three-quarters of the vegetation that generate 90% of the earth’s food. A third of thefoodstuff production is reliant upon bees. This signifies that every third tablespoonful of food may be dependent oncross-fertilization.The loss of pollinators is likely to hurt the populace, particularly agriculturalists and consumers, significantly. This would result in increased food prices and minimal choice of foods. These effects are comparable to those regarding pollinators. Regarding the marine ecosystem, guarding vital wetland habitats and reducing large scale fishingaremethods of reducing the impacts. Moreover, the government should enact legislation geared towards safeguarding the ecosystem.



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