Personal Development Plan

My Development Needs

  1. Digressing from emerging and underlying issues in the workplace. Talking behind my friends/colleagues back instead of confronting the emerging issues with the affected individuals.
  2. Not maintaining or honoring promises. Breaking confidentiality by sharing private information about a colleague with other people in the workplace and beyond.
  3. Being overly aggressive. Getting even and revenging against my friends who exposed me to a conflicting situation in the workplace.
  4. Poor communication. Failing to maintain effective communication with other people in the workplace creates a certain level of misunderstanding that hinders the nature of conversation with other people in my surroundings.
  5. Self-centrism. At times, I always position myself instead of the needs of the entire team, a move that jeopardizes our plans because of the inability of the team to respond to the changing needs of individuals.

What I need to Do

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Personal Development Plan
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  1. Start Doing – I need to start facing emerging problems and engaging other people in my team to resolve the issues by developing viable solutions, which meet the expected standards.
  2. Stop Doing – I will cease being aggressive in my interactions with other people because of the impact of my behavior on their perspectives towards work. Likewise, I intend to focus on the interests of the team and share my ambitions to create a balance that enables the group to develop a collective responsibility.
  3. Do more often – I will consult more widely to engage other people and seek their views regarding the best approach that should be used to accomplish desired goals and objectives.
  4. Do less often – I will cease overthinking because of its adverse effects on the changing needs of individuals and their ability to focus on realizing the team’s overall goals.

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