Liberals and Conservative Differences on Same-Sex Marriage

In the 21st century, the main aim is a good society and obstacles to realize it. What is the right or left of individual initiative and social welfare, respect for diversity and national unity, environmental responsibilities and economic prosperity (Jinping, 2017)? Liberals and conservative differs on prioritization of these values. Liberals raise themes of global inequality, racism, health care, poverty, social change etc. Generally, liberals believe in government to achieve equality for all (Yan, 2018). Liberalsbelieve that it is the responsibility to protect civil liberties and human rights.

On the other hand, conservatives believe in a free market, limited government, personal responsibility, and a strong nation’s defence. Conservative generally believes in the empowerment of people to solveproblems. This paper will focus on how liberals and conservatives differ on the matters of same-sex marriage.

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Liberals and Conservative Differences on Same-Sex Marriage
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The issue of same-sex marriage. Liberals differ on the matter Liberals demand the legalization of same-sex marriage, believing that it’s a human right to have freedom of choice (Klarman, 2012). Liberals believe marriage should be legal for lesbians, transgender couples, gays and bisexuals to maintain equal rights for all. Liberals believe that regardless of sex, all persons have the right to marry.  Theybelieve that prohibiting same-sex persons from marrying denies them their rights. Conservativesbelieve that marriage should be between a man and a woman. There is an opinion difference on the amendment of the constitution to establish marriage as a union of one woman and one man. Conservatives believe that allowing persons to have a same-sex relationship violates the religious belief of many Christians and violates morals (Koppelman, 2014). Conservatives oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage, believing that these will erode and bring a great change in social behaviours.


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