Homicide and Autopsy Examination

  • What is the general procedure for an autopsy? Is there any challenge associated with the inability to adhere to all the steps when undertaking an autopsy assessment? Does it pose a risk or threat to the judicial system?
  • Who is mandated with the role and responsibility of undertaking an autopsy, and is there a limitation on the number of people present during this essential procedure?
  • Who can request an autopsy, and what steps should an individual take to have a medical assessment that helps to deliver justice?
  • After collecting different items on a crime scene, is it mandatory to interview people to acquire more information to support the research process? If there is no potential witness, does it mean that there is a limited chance of verifying the autopsy results?
  • What does the law state about autopsy processes as far as results handling and management is concerned. Can third parties access autopsy results?
  • What are the minimum and maximum time requires for the autopsy results to be availed to interested parties?
  • Does tampering with the examination item pose any threat to the outcomes received? What are the safety measures that a medical examiner is expected to observe in avoiding contradictory results?
  • What are the chances that the items collected on the crime scene might be tampered with after arrival at the autopsy center? What measures should authorities put in place to avoid tampering with pieces of evidence?
  • Can the autopsy outcome offer a contradictory statement rather than the theory that the law enforcement professionals have at hand? In such cases, what are the possible steps these professionals can take to guarantee justice for the affected persons?
  • As a medical examiner, have you ever encountered a situation that affected your mandate and hampered justice delivery?


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Homicide and Autopsy Examination
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