Sample Paper: Power to Change

We all have those things that we feel should have been done differently. We feel that we would have influenced the outcome of certain situations if our efforts were considered. I would have changed the education system if I had the power.

The current education system, which was adopted years ago, does not have a clear and ultimate goal as to why schools exist. The education system is all about academic performance, which is used as a measure of intelligence for children. Children not only need to grow cognitively but also in other ways such as emotionally, physically, ethically, among others. The schools have created a model where children are forced to learn with little motivation.

If I had the power, I would have standardized how the children are taught and how performance is tested. Create an education model where children are developed all-round, focusing more on their talents and what they can do best.  I would create a system that learner-centered and children are entirely in charge of learning experiences. I would change the role of teachers into facilitators to act as a guide for children towards achieving their desires and life goals.

More emphasis would be on programs for early childhood in the less fortunate communities. The current system has put us in a situation where only the wealthy and particular social class can have access to the best learning institutions. It is in the best interest to switch to an education system that exposes children to real-life problems rather than simulation and theories. Transform public areas into an environment that supports children’s education, expose them to real-life issues, and utilize their talents.

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