Sample Essay: Comparison of Baseline Data, Initial Course, and Management

Importance of the study

  A major significance of this study is that it helps in comprehending more on the role of the Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. The research to identify the purpose of these inhibitors in reducing the morbid and morality in patients suffering from chronic heart failure and high-risk patients who have had an acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Another importance of the study is that it is critical in understanding the role of ACR in conventional therapy in patients. It also helps in the analysis of the demographics as a way of helping to grasp on their reaction to the ACE inhibitors.



Primary Hypothesis

 Treatment with Losartan in selected, high-risk patients after AMI would help in the reduction of all cause morality as compared to Captopril. 

Secondary Hypothesis

 Treating patients with Losartan has reduced Cardiac deaths and fatal reinfarction incidences. 



 Clinically stable patients of all genders, aged above 50 years, were eligible to participate in the study. The inclusion criteria encompassed patients who were either under-treatment of heart failure, pulmonary rates, or their heat sound. The sample size calculation was grounded on the demonstration of losartan superiority. 


Findings and interpretation

In the first seven days of the study, 7.4 % of the patients had cases of hypertension, where none of the cases were severe. In the first 30 days, 6.2% of the participating patients have a downward titration of the medication does, where 5.8 % of the patients withdrew from the study medication. By the 270th day, 81.3% of the patients were on the target does, whereas 12.7% of them had abandoned the study medication. Some of the most adverse effects experienced during the study included dizziness and serum creatinine. There were also reported cases of cardiovascular and sudden deaths, where heart failure was the leading cause of the mortality risks during the time interval.  

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