Role of Multicultural Themes in Media

We often overlook the many stereotypes that have pervaded media and revived customary hierarchies associated with gender, race, class, sexuality, and occupation.  In this essay I want to explore important issues that concern the social nature of representation, which shape and create cultural practices and identities among marginalized audiences. I want to start looking at how culture has been researched in media studies and examine the possible limitations of these approaches. I want to dwell into recent academic discourses on media and culture by reviewing studies dealing with issues of cultural diversity, representations of culture and discourse of culture. In addition to this I want to present ways that critical intercultural communication can be used by researchers from different disciplines interested in culture.    Here are some links that I found useful: 1.

30046418 Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative

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Role of Multicultural Themes in Media
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