Report: Nursing and caring communication

Essentials of Nursing and Care
Assessment 2: Report
Weighting: 60%
Length: 1650-1750 words
Due by: Week 8, Monday

Please note that reports received after the due date/time will be penalised 5% for each day or part day that it is overdue unless a Special Consideration is submitted (prior to the due date) and approved. All reports need to be submitted via Turnitin.
The objective of this report is to demonstrate your understanding of the foundational knowledge of communication and caring that underpins nursing, care practices, and therapuetic relationships.

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Report: Nursing and caring communication
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A report is a statement that supports the issue that is being developed. You will need to research the topic and develop a report that explores its major concepts.

You are required to watch a video on ‘Person centred care’ (which is available on BB in the Report folder under Assessments). This video gives you an insight into what person centred care is about.
You are to write a report on caring communication as portrayed in the video.
Your report needs to be structured into five sections using the headings below. Please include these headings in your report.

Report: Nursing and caring communication
Recommended structure –
1. Introduction: this sets the scene for the reader and outlines why you are writing the report. It should contain a short description of the video and what you intend to cover in your report.
2. Results: this section is where you will briefly describe what you observed in the video in relation to:
a. what person-centred care is and how it is demonstrated; and
b. the important messages relating to effective and caring communication that nurses need to know.
3. Discussion: this section is where you will discuss the:
a. communication skills needed by nurses to become effective caring communicators,
b. the attributes student nurses need to communicate effectively, and
c. the barriers to caring person-centred communication. Please support your discussion with examples from your reading of the wider literature and from the video.
4. Conclusion: briefly summarise the main points made in your report without introducing any new ideas.
5. Recommendations: what recommendations would you make for yourself as a new nursing student in becoming an effective and caring communicator?
List of references: – Have at least 10 current references

Note: references are NOT included in the word count. References need to be quality references from academic/peer reviewed journals, government/education websites. Do not use dictionaries /encyclopedias, Wikipedia, online blogs, personal websites. Your Unit Assessor will guide you.

The tutorials will cover how to write your report and what you will need to do to complete this task.

Frequently asked questions and answers
Q: How many words should I write for each section?
A: A suggested word count for each section is:
1. Introduction: 250 words
2. Results: 300 words
3. Discussion: 800 words
4. Conclusion: 200 words
5. Recommendations: 200 words
6. References not included in word count

Q: Can I add other sections?
A: No, stick with the section headings outlined above

Q: Do I need to include references for this report?
A: Yes. Both the Discussion and Recommendations section require references.

Note: the Reference list will be a separate page at the end of your report

Additional notes;
Rubric: Please refer to the Rubric; here you will find an outline of how your report will be graded.

Report writing
You will be attending a library facilitated session in week 3 (through another unit) which focuses on developing your literature searching skills.
Make sure you use the APA 7 th (Edition) referencing style to accurately reference your assignment.

There are many resources available ln LEARNING HELP to assist you with academic writing. See navigation bar to the left and bottom of the BB site. These can help you with completing your assessments.

Video link:
Title: Person centred care

Reference:for video:

Real Time Health. (2013, November 18). Person centred care. Clip 2.

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