Reaction Essay


Instructions Write a Reaction Essay  Reaction essays are just that: a student’s expanded reaction to a discussion session, downloaded material, textbook reading or multimedia presentation. There is no research component required for this paper. (Although, if you choose, there can be.) It is not a formal piece. Still, it should be thoughtful and well-planned. That reaction can take many forms. These can include: 1.) Expand on an entry in a discussion section. (If you take this option, please cut and paste your initial post at the start of your reaction essay.) or 2.) Taking a particular position on a class discuss where there was a divergence of opinion. or 3.) Discussing how a particular discussion, module or textbook reading made you think of something in a new way or reminded you of a contemporary issue or literary work. or 4.) Write about the way an issue from the discussions, modules or readings connected you to some other aspect of your life. In this essay – a minimum of 300, maximum of 500 words – a student states his/her opinion/idea , backs up that opinion/idea and concludes the essay. This can be submitted at any time from the first day of class until the due day of the Reaction Essay. Each essay will be worth up to 75 points and based on:  Writing at least 5 – 7 clear paragraphs   — up to 25 points Accuracy   — up to 15 points Specifics/Giving Examples  — up to 15 points Your own analysis – up to 15 points Grammar, spelling – 5 points THIS ARE SOME OF THE DISCUSSIONS I WROTE TO CHOOSE FROM Discussion question 1: Antiphonal music, cantors, responsory music and shofars laid the groundwork for other musical concepts/cultural ideas to come. Where do they — or their manifestations — show up in secular areas of the 21st Century in the United States? Answer: Antiphonal tune or some other type remind me the church music. How lovely or the excellent tune it is and how it can pass you in such a exceptional manner. Antiphonal or the response song helps to make a strong connection between worshipers and the Supreme Being. This type of tune helps kiddies and toddlers to examine greater about this concept. In twenty first century how beautifully these gadgets are used. Discussion question 2: Read the selection from the Illiad in Fiero. Can you tell from reading this selection how Homer feels about war? If you can, what does he think about war? If you can’t, why not? Are there contradictions in his work? Answer: Homers are the ones who can make a strong that an trade of diverging or contrary views, Iliad looks to have fun war. Characters emerge as having or displaying the characteristics or competencies that advantage consciousness in a particular way despicable based on their diploma of competence and bravery in battle. The Iliad provides a unique insight into each Greek records and the formation of Greek identity. The placing of the poem, the Trojan War, captured the imaginations of the Greek humans and grew to become the basis for a new records of frequent people introduced together with the aid of the war.

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