Question and Video

This assignment is from an anthropology class – hence, meaning anthropological concepts and perspectives. I will attach a link for a video for you that you MUST watch before going on to answer the question. The link for the video — After viewing and absorbing the video attached above, you MUST answer the following question using the ideas in the video, but mostly your ideas — you can use from what you obtain/ comprehend from the video but the rest should be in YOUR OWN words. Do not use another source besides the link — you can google around for more help, but it should all be in your own words – no need to directly quote from the video, just take what is said in it and what you learned and apply/write it in your response to the question. QUESTIONS AS FOLLOWS; ANSWER IN COMPREHENSIVE RESPONSE THAT ANSWERS ALL ASPECTS OF QUESTIONS– What do you think about plesiadapiforms? Does it matter if they lack certain diagnostic features of all living primates (post-orbital bar, leaping, nails, big brains)?


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Question and Video
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