Quantifying Qualitative Information in the Measure Phase of the DMAIC Process Model

Discussion: Quantifying Qualitative Information in the Measure Phase of the DMAIC Process Model

First, read Chapter 5 in The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook and review your work with SMART goals.

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Quantifying Qualitative Information in the Measure Phase of the DMAIC Process Model
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Next, carefully read the MEASURE Supplementary Document and, using your actual organization’s conflict (or the Garden Depot case study), Measure the problem or problems you Defined in Module Two. Use the Organization A Example Flowchart to help you organize your thinking, and then put the information from your flowchart into a Measure gap-analysis table using the Measure Gap-Analysis Table Template. Upload this table to the discussion.

In your initial post, address the following:

  • What were some challenges you encountered in identifying the variables (ethical, moral, or legal) that were or are present between employees and the organization you evaluated?
  • How will you apply what you have learned about transforming qualitative information to quantitative data to identify and analyze gaps in your final project case study’s organizational conflict?

Measure Gap-Analysis Table Template

Measure Gap-Analysis Table

Organization A



(Percent of inputs that are critical or very important)

Skill Satisfaction

(Percent of skill ratings at better than average)

Gap in Points

(Reframe as possible opportunity; *the higher the number, the more important satisfaction of the gap is)

Interdepartmental Team Collaboration on Projects
Interdepartmental Team Communication/Verbal Delivery of Information
Effective Listening Among Individuals
Addressing Difficult Conversations
Written Communication/Email
Interdepartmental Team Meetings/Live Presentations
Interdepartmental Team Meetings/Virtual Presentations

*Negative number indicates that the issue is unimportant and skill satisfaction is higher than the importance

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