Pyschology of prejudice and Discrimination

COMPONENT OF PAPER TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS POINTS EARNED Title Page: APA Format All required components included Title Name University Running Head 5 Abstract: Concise summary of the paper (not the novel) that gives an overview of topics/ideas covered 10 Summary of Novel: (includes the following, as is appropriate to the novel) Characters Setting Story line/plot Comments about author’s style and tone Highlights of pivotal or significant events 30 Application: Clear, detailed and accurate description of FOUR psychological concepts/theories applied to the novel Clear and detailed description showing how events in the novel are examples of the psychological concepts/theories discussed 35 Conclusion: Pulling the threads together; overall impressions of the novel 5 References: APA Format 5 Overall: Quality and clarity of writing, professional presentation. Psychology of prejudice and discrimination book third edition wrriten by Mary e.kite and Bernard e.whitley

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Pyschology of prejudice and Discrimination
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