PTSD. Write about the stages of PTSD, how it impacts people and how they deal with it. Discuss when it was first diagnosed etc. Try to add one case study and add anything that would support research.

Research Paper: complete an in-depth research paper on a topic in the field of general psychology.  The length of the paper is 5 pages, not including the title page or reference pages. Please follow the format of the American Psychological Association when writing this paper (APA Format). The main point of the paper is to demonstrate the ability to write coherently and make logical arguments or conclusions that are backed by reputable, scholarly sources and synthesized coherently. You should find at least 5 scholarly sources and no more than 8 sources total. Research Paper Formatting:Regarding formatting, there should be no more and no less than a one-inch margin around papers, and 12-point, Times New Roman font.  Double space the paper’s text. Include a cover sheet for each paper. You do not need an abstract. Do not quote in the paper. Do not start the first page of text any lower than one inch from the top of the page, or in other words, check your document flow. Number the pages according to APA standards.  Do not add graph, charts etc. only text. The paper must be in Word or Rich Text format.  Make sure it is in proper APA format.

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