Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist who has spent her career studying the human brain.
When she had a stroke, her view about brain functions suddenly became became both personal and visceral.
This is an amazing TED talk where she shares that experience and the knowledge she gained from it. It’s an inside perspective that most people are unaware of.
Pay close attention to assignment directions. Challenge yourself to create top level content. If I ask you to submit a response to an article or video, take some time to think before you post and then craft a thoughtful and well written submission. I’ll be looking at content carefully and grading accordingly. Minimum effort = an average grade. Extra effort or clear interest= top grade.
There are 3 parts to this assignment:

post & respond to two other people’s posts

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1. Watch the video
2. The post includes the questions posed, and refers both to content from the assignment material and includes links to outside examples. The student asks questions and make connections with real life incidents.

Cut and paste the following two questions into the reply box.
What is something you learned from Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience that you didn’t know before?
What was the most interesting aspect of her experience to you?
Answer with at least 7-10 well crafted sentences in response to each of the questions.  (Well crafted means thoughtful, detailed, with correct spelling and grammar.) You are always welcome to write or put in more effort than the minimum requirement.
Refer and link to outside examples. This means referring to another topic you think is connected; events either current or historic or an experience.

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