In the interests of remaining open and neutral when helping individuals with sexual identity concerns, imagine how you might approach prospective clients who are struggling with their sexual orientation. What exactly would you say? For example, would it be ok if a young graduate student therapist say to a nineteen-year-old boy who hasn’t dated and anxiously wonders if he is gay? “What’s wrong with that?” or “That’s a perfectly legitimate lifestyle?” or “Why don’t you join a support group for gay men.” or “What’s the problem? What would be a more neutral way for a counselor to ask the client about that?
In working with family violence, how can counselors balance a relativistic world view with values about human safety and the right to self-determination and protection?

When is the clinical utility of neutrality limited or counterproductive?
To what extent does solution-oriented therapy ignore people’s pain (as some critics of the approach suggest), and to what extent does it facilitate clients’ positive experiences, which in turn empower them to change what is painful in their lives?

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