Psychiatric boarding in ER

  • Write a proposal on why you choose the topic.
  • Must be a topic with extensive research data.
  • Research based paper (minimum 3-page paper excluding title page and reference page.
  • APA format. References within 5 years) Data that shows this is a current issue
  • Measures currently used to improve the issue Outcome data related to the measures
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the measures *Project approval/disapproval will be provided

List of topic to choose from

1) Bullying in the nursing profession

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Psychiatric boarding in ER
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• 2) In-patient falls

• 3) In-patients Suicide

• 4) Psychiatric boarding in ER

• 5) Medication Errors

• 6) Hospital Re-admissions

• 7) Emtala

• 8) Approach to decrease disparity in healthcare

• 9) The liabilities of patients leaving against medical advice

• 10) Abuse in vulnerable population

• 11) Politic in healthcare

• 12) Nursing Shortage

• 13) Leading change; Overcoming staff resistance

• 14) Restraints

• 15) Childhood obesity

• 16) Delivery of culturally appropriate diabetes prevention programs

• 17) Safe prescribing of pain medication for patients recovering from sub. abuse disorders

• 18) Implementation of bedside shift reports/ Improving communication among nurses

• 19) Decreasing hospital acquired infection

• 20) Addiction among nurses

• 21) Decreasing pressure ulcers

• 22) Keeping patient’s electronic info. safe

• 23) Patient-centered care

• 24) Emergency preparedness for hospital

• 25) Emergency Room Wait times

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