Project for International Business class with NETFLIX Case

Choose 1 of the 3 Case Studies Available in this Module and Complete a Professional Analysis of the Case using the following guidelines.  (Analyses should be professional and thorough and be of the quality that you would submit to an executive of the company you are analyzing)  Written Report Instructions: Analyze the case and submit a written brief summarizing the results of your analysis. Your brief should be 4-5 pages in length and cover the following four areas: 1. Problem 2. Solution 3. Actions 4. Evaluation To conduct your case analysis, do the following: Problem Statement In reading the case, look for symptoms indicative of problem(s). Those symptoms may be of three types: 1. Statements from individuals in the case who state that a problem exists 2. Statements in the case that differ from what you would expect based on what you’ve read in the textbook chapters 3. Statements in the case that your common sense tells you are problematic After developing a list of symptoms, look for symptoms that “hang together” and point to the same basic problem. You may find more than one problem; if so; focus your attention on the one that encompasses the most symptoms and/or the most important symptoms. Be ready to support your choice of problem statements. Write your problem statement according to the form “The problem in this case is _____.” List the related symptoms as support for your problem statement. Bear in mind that the case analysis brief is a test of your ability to apply course material, so your problem statement should be rooted in the topics covered in the relevant course material. Next, use the course materials to come up with a solution for the problem identified in your problem statement. For example, if the problem is poor entry strategy and related symptoms indicate problems with implementing your launch within Country X; then your solution will deal with improving the choice and implementation of the entry strategy by utilizing content from the class materials. Solution Be sure that your solution is directly related to the problem you’ve identified, and that you can provide evidence of this relationship. Write a solution statement according to the form “The solution to the problem in this case is _____.” List the course material used to identify this solution as supportive evidence. Action Plan Third, develop an action plan of steps that must be performed to implement your solution. Some of these may come from the book; others may come from your personal experience. If cohesiveness is the problem and the solution is to build higher group cohesion, then the action steps might include some sort of team building process and maybe a socialization program. List the steps of your action plan in the order they should be accomplished, and identify individuals in the case, if any that should be involved in each of your steps. Evaluation Plan Finally, identify measures you would use to evaluate whether your solution solves the problem. In the case of a problem with group cohesiveness, you might identify group productivity as a measure you would expect to improve if your solution (team building, socialization) is successful. Indicate how each measure is related to your solution and action steps (e.g., Measure 1 will tell me whether Step A worked).


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Project for International Business class with NETFLIX Case
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