Project communication

Explain in details how the project communication planmanagement model ensures effective and efficient communicationin order to allow for clear and accurate transfer of information anddata.(8 Marks)

b)Explain what is meant by stakeholder management and describehow the project manager ensures stakeholder co-operation.(7Marks)
c)Explain the role of the sponsor in a project organization andhis/her relationship with the project manager.(5Marks)[Total marks = 20 marks]
Question 3a)In the bid to establish a stadiumin all regions in Ghana, there is the need to take into consideration the triple constraint. Explain with the help of a diagram the concept of the Triple constraint and its effecton a project.(8 Marks)
b)Describe Project Charter and Project Requirement Documents and its relevance toProject Management. Construct a sample Project Charter and ProjectRequirement documents to explain your description.(8 Marks)
c)Explain in detail the Critical Path with the help of an exampleof your choice and demonstrate ways of speeding up the schedule whilst defining the term “Crashing

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Project communication
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