Identify a specific socially disadvantaged group or community within a named population and critically evaluate the impact of this social disadvantage on inequalities in health outcomes. On the basis of these inequalities, make evidence-based suggestions for reducing social inequality, and therefore health inequalities, as a mechanism for improving the health of the population as a whole.  Learning outcomes assessed in this assessment  1. Evaluate the concept of public health, and critically explore political and ethical issues relating to modern public health practice. 2. Understand and critically analyse the relationship between social inequality and health

Section 2 – Prinicples of Public health V6-3 Section 3 – Principles of Public health V3-2 Section 4 – Prinicples of Public health V3 Section 5 – Principles of Public health(2) V5-2 Section 6 – Principles of Public health V3 Resit Assessment brief and feedback form_PPH_AP1_V61-3

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