Prepare a report

You are a manager/supervisor in a company or organization in your desired future industry. At a recent staff meeting the decision maker within your company/organization (Vice President, Captain, Director, etc) stated that he/she is aware of the negative publicity the company/organization has received due to an issue covered in the media. The decision maker wants to implement some type of action to address the issue and asks you to prepare a report that includes an analysis of the situation, recommendations to address/resolve/prevent the issue, and a visual aid.

In order for you to complete this assignment you will need to conduct some research about the issue (causes, prevalence, statistics, liability/costs) and methods to address/remedy/prevent the issue. Your research should include: at least FOUR scholarly/trade journal articles and at least THREE Internet sources.

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Prepare a report
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Please discuss how the annotated bibliography and outline assist you in report preparation. Provide specific examples to support your position.

You’ll need an outline for the recommendation report. The outline will help you to organize your thought process and material for the report. The outline requires a specific format, so please be sure to read the attached notes PRIOR to writing the outline.

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